ROSATOM is unique in that it is able to provide an integrated solution to its prospective customers – an offer that incorporates the complete range of nuclear power products and services, while still providing outstanding opportunities for local industry involvement and development. ROSATOM ensures sustainable national nuclear system development on a long-term basis and provides tailor-made solutions for newcomers to the nuclear power industry.

ROSATOM boasts reliable and proven technology, industrial capacity and state support to provide financial resources. We have more than 65 years of continuous experience that we are willing to share with our prospective partners.

Energy Solution

The energy solution offered by ROSATOM is a complex of innovative but time-tested and referential nuclear power plant (NPP) technologies. Its key element is the planning and construction of generation 3 + NPPs.

The project can be implemented either under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) model or under the BOO (Build-Own-Operate) model. In the latter, ROSATOM acts as the developer and owner or part-owner of the NPP construction project, and then goes on to operate the NPP with a gradual increase of local staff through programmed and on-the-job training.

In addition, the energy solution includes offers on NPP servicing and modernisation, extending a plant’s service life and improving its capacity, technical audits and consultation, equipment production and delivery. We also offer a secured supply of nuclear fuel cycle products and services at both the front and back end for the plant’s entire lifecycle.

Industrial Solution

ROSATOM’s integrated solutions offer the opportunity for broad involvement of local companies in the project. ROSATOM is prepared to localise up to 85% of the total project cost in different forms.

Local companies have the opportunity to offer services in NPP engineering and construction, plant equipment production and modernisation. These localisation opportunities arise from the transfer of Russian technologies to local companies, giving these companies a chance to reach new technological and manufacturing levels.

Furthermore, the ROSATOM approach allows for local companies to participate in third party country projects. This creates new opportunities and new jobs for local companies and offers the chance to achieve a new level of quality.

Financial Solution

Projects of scale, such as building nuclear power plants, require large capital investments. ROSATOM has different solutions for project financing and encompasses a wide range of opportunities, covering both strategic and institutional investor attraction and debt financing.

ROSATOM offers services on cost-sharing, thereby allowing the distribution of the financial burden between project participants, in accordance with their share in the project. The participation of ROSATOM in the project as an owner – of the entire project or of a share in it – provides the stability for the entire lifespan of the plant.

Project financing can be covered by inter-governmental agreements, by means of either export credits or government credits from the Russian Federation, as well as from Russian banks. These loans and lending rates are optimised for NPP construction projects.

ROSATOM offers project implementation under the BOO (Build–Own-Operate) model. According to this model, ROSATOM acts as project developer with a share of at least 25% plus one.

The project is financed in accordance with participant shares, and the developer has the opportunity to offer an additional loan proportional to the share in the project. Up to 85% of the financing may be provided as government credit from Russia on favorable terms. The developer also co-operates with the client and works to attract investors to the project, including those from other (third party) countries.

Infrastructure Solution

ROSATOM’s integrated offer includes a full set of services and solutions needed to establish nuclear infrastructure for efficient and responsible governance and regulation of a sustainable national nuclear power programme, including; programme issues, project management, nuclear legislation, regulatory framework, human resources development, safety and security, emergency response, public acceptance, stakeholder involvement, human and environmental protection, grid considerations and site selection.

ROSATOM is ready to assist in developing technical competencies in different elements of nuclear infrastructure, such as; site selection, grid development, local industry involvement, equipment procurement and developing of policies on how to assure fresh fuel, in addition to spent fuel and radioactive waste management. This approach allows the client to unfold the national nuclear power programme in a safe, economically-viable and secure way.

HR Development Solution

ROSATOM sees the support and development of the client country’s human resources and scientific base as one of its responsibilities. We constantly work on skills improvement and offer training to employees working in the national nuclear industry, which ensures the project’s successful implementation.

ROSATOM offers a wide range of training and educational programmes, both for professional personnel and for students interested in energy engineering professions. This is based on more than half a century’s worth of experience accumulated by the Russian nuclear energy industry. ROSATOM is prepared to share this experience with its partners around the world.

ROSATOM develops and implements training programmes for personnel from organisations engaged in nuclear infrastructure development in accordance with IAEA recommendations. The training programmes include basic NPP construction and operation knowledge, safety principles and a detailed preparation of operational personnel in accordance with qualification requirements for each specific post.