Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Nuclear and radiation safety is seen as a priority at ROSATOM. Our safety policy is designed to reduce nuclear risks and industrial hazards, as well as protect local communities and the environment during construction, operation and dismantlement of nuclear facilities.

We focus on accident-free operation of nuclear power plants and other potentially hazardous nuclear facilities – all design, construction and maintenance activities, including those of subcontractors, are licensed and supervised by independent government agencies. Additionally, nuclear fuel plants and hazardous facilities are regularly inspected by ROSATOM to ensure the highest level of safety.

Our integrated approach encompassing a comprehensive set of specific safety measures ensures sustainable nuclear performance and makes us an industry-leader in the use of safety standards.

ROSATOM’s nuclear and radiation safety policy is implemented by our R&D institutions and by the subsidiaries directly involved in the disposal and storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

Occupational Safety

ROSATOM recognises occupational and industrial safety as a core value and a key to successful development of the high-tech nuclear industry. Our occupational safety management system, adopted back in 2001, has been revised regularly to stay compliant with changing regulations. This system, which introduces a set of measures mitigating workplace risks and occupational hazards, is designed to provide for accident-free operations and to prevent violations of occupational safety requirements. A substantial contribution to achieving this objective is made by the ROSATOM Production System, now adopted across the Group.

Our occupational standards and procedures are based on national safety regulations and are attested to be consistent with the international occupational health and safety management system specification OHSAS 18001:1999.

In our pursuit of continuous safety improvement, we strive to increase employee awareness through regular audits, special safety events, workshops and conferences.

Our safety efforts have been clearly rewarded – accident rates in the nuclear industry are significantly below the average, with ROSATOM subsidiaries ranked among the best companies in terms of occupational safety.