Environmental Management

ROSATOM takes a responsible approach towards the environment by introducing environmental management and conservation principles and radiation controls into operational practices. Environmental safety remains our top priority. As a major power producer, ROSATOM supplies green power, thus making a substantial contribution to Russia’s commitments under the Kyoto Protocol and other international conventions.

We devote unceasing efforts to ensure the sustainability and safety of the environment. In our commitment to minimize negative impacts on the environment, we strictly comply with national environmental laws, and our efforts in this area have been certified under ISO 14001.

Our sustainability targets are achieved through a reduction in discharges, effluents and waste (including radioactive waste), the efficient use of power resources, and continuous monitoring of radiation levels around our facilities.

As part of our disclosure policy, ROSATOM started publishing the sustainability reports in 2009.

Local Communities

ROSATOM is a socially-responsible company that supports local communities in the areas of its operations. We focus on a dialogue with local authorities, non-governmental organisations, environmental groups and educational institutions to communicate and discuss our objectives and interests of local communities.