ROSATOM in South Africa

ROSATOM already has a story of mutually-beneficial co-operation with South Africa, the company not only supplies enriched uranium to Koeberg but also provides educational and research support in nuclear science under a co-operation agreement with the North West University. ROSATOM has been supplying enriched uranium products to South Africa’s Koeberg nuclear power plant (NPP) since 2010 and prior to this, NTP Radioisotopes Pty supplied radioisotope products to a ROSATOM subsidiary.

ROSATOM also participated in the construction of the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor fuel plant until a decision to terminate the project was passed by the South African Government in 2009. A consortium of ROSATOM’s organisations also participated in the isotope reactor construction tender (DIPR project) until it was frozen early in 2012.

A Memorandum of Understanding between ASE-NIAEP, Nukem Technologies and NECSA was signed on November 25, 2013 (strategic partnership in design, engineering, procurement and construction of complex capital buildings).

On September 22 2014, South Africa and Russia signed an inter-government agreement of co-operation in the area of nuclear energy. ROSATOM is now ready to participate in a transparent and competitive procurement process for nuclear power, on terms set by the South African government.

Most recently on July 8th 2015, Rosatom and the Department of Energy of South Africa signed two Memoranda of Understanding: the Memorandum on cooperation in training personnel for the South African nuclear power industry and the Memorandum on cooperation in Enhancement of Public Awareness of Nuclear Energy in South Africa.

In accordance with the first Memorandum both countries will cooperate in order to provide training for five categories of specialists for the South African nuclear industry: nuclear power plant (NPP) personnel, engineers and construction workers, staff for operations not related to the power industry, personnel for nuclear infrastructure, students and teachers.

The second Memorandum signed in Ufa stipulates joint efforts of the parties aimed at promoting nuclear power in South Africa, increasing the awareness of local residents of modern nuclear technologies used in the power industry and in other industries, and ensuring public acceptance of nuclear power.

We seek to create a full-scale nuclear cluster of world-class standards in South Africa – from the front-end of nuclear fuel cycle, up to engineering and power equipment manufacturing. ROSATOM offers a solution that covers the entire nuclear value chain, starting with extraction and enrichment of uranium, up to and including, the management of waste at the end of the production cycle.

ROSATOM is committed to localisation and job creation in South Africa. Our initial estimates are that up to 60% localisation can be achieved on the final units, and up to 15 000 direct jobs and 150 000 indirect jobs are to be created through a ROSATOM new build programme.